Blue Vision Labs is joining Lyft!


Blue Vision Labs is joining forces with Lyft in their mission to revolutionize transportation, via a full technology, team, and product acquisition of Blue Vision Labs!

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Build the future of augmented reality

The world’s first augmented reality cloud platform for building city-scale, shared and persistent experiences

Bringing new digital experiences to the real world

Using our SDK, developers can build multi-user, collaborative AR experiences that live in the real world.

Build intuitive AR navigation and place virtual instructions to guide users.

Interact and share experiences where everyone sees the same thing. Place digital pictures, videos and comments for your friends to find.

Design collaborative AR games played simultaneously by thousands of users in real-time, interacting with each other and with the environment.

Overlay persistent digital content on top of the physical world such as reviews and comments about nearby restaurants or hotels.

Find your ride on busy streets with live AR location sharing.

Highlight and recommend products and promotions.

How it works

1. 3D Cloud Map

Using advanced computer vision, we turn millions of pictures into a 3D map of the city used for augmented reality

2. AR Content

This map houses the precise positions of all the AR content created by users and developers

3. Visual Positioning

Using our SDK together with the map, your phone can determine its position with centimetre accuracy based on what it sees

4. Augmented Reality

This allows developers to create experiences where everybody see the AR content and each other in exactly the right place

5. Constantly Improving

As the system is used the map grows to new areas, and users and developers can place their own AR content for others to discover

Start building today

Sign-up for early access to our iOS and Android SDKs to start building AR experiences in San Francisco, New York City, and London. New cities coming soon.

Current version 1.0.0
Required iOS version iOS 11 +
Supported devices iPhone SE, 6S, 7, 7s, 8, X
Language Swift
Android SDK
Current version 1.0.0
Required Android version Android 7.0 +
Supported devices Google Pixel, Pixel 2, Samsung Galaxy S8
Language Unity (C#)
“The fact that Blue Vision provides a relatively low barrier to entry, while also doing an enormous (and ground-breaking) amount of heavy lifting at the back end [...] is what potentially makes the startup unique and noteworthy.”  - TechCrunch

Our mission is to empower developers to create the future of AR. Join our team!

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